When trying to reset your password using the forgotten password link, you may see the following error message appear on screen:

'There is no account with this email address, please contact mathshubs@ncetm.org.uk.'

Before doing this, please double check that there are no extra spaces before or after the email address you enter and try again. Also, check that the email address you enter is definitely the same one provided to your local Maths Hub.

If you are still getting this error, in most instances, rather than emailing mathshubs@ncetm.org.uk, you will be best to contact your local Maths Hub.

Let them know the problem you are having, and share the email address you are using to sign up, and they’ll be able to ensure the email they’ve entered on the system matches what you are using. 

If there continue to be any issues at this point, your local Maths Hub will liaise with us on your behalf to get this resolved.

For headteachers taking part in the Mastering Number Programme, the video below offers a full walkthrough of the process for setting up your account in Axis.