To start a new discussion thread (Topic) click New Topic on the community’s



This opens up the WYSIWYG editor. Add a title for the new topic and in the main box, type and format text:


The editor works in a similar way to Microsoft Word.

IMPORTANT: if you insert an image, please ensure that it is either copyright-free, or that you have the owner’s explicit permission to use it.

When you have completed your post, click Post Topic.

To reply to a post, click the title of the topic and select Reply beneath the post you want to reply to. If it is your own post, you have the facility to edit it for a short time after you have posted it.


When posting in a thread, you can also request to be alerted when a response has been made (the default setting is ‘Yes’):


This can be very useful if you want to keep up to date with a particular discussion, and also that you can ensure that you find out about any replies to a question you may have raised.